Increasing Returns on Your Existing “Great” App

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Developing Apps is a Passion!

And when one wants to make a living out of this passion, one would target the platforms with the maximum number of users. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out why developers have been flocking to iOS and Android from other platforms.

With a combined base of over a million apps on iTunes and Google Play, it only makes sense.

But how do returns support this point?

We have noticed a trend due to the huge pile of data we have access to (Mopapp provides app analytics for most platforms), and VisionMobile wonderfully depicts this trend in similar findings.

For starters, and no prizes for guessing, which platforms top the chart when it comes to being used by developers?


You might find the following piece of data is quite interesting.


RIM has been struggling for quite some time, yet realizing that BlackBerry is the most profitable platform to have one’s App on, is simply surprising!

Although, the growth is not substantial, at least Windows Phone’s share isn’t declining; and with Windows Mobile 8 coming out soon, we might just see better growth figures.

True, the user bases are only a fraction of either Android or iOS, but I am not suggesting migrating away from any platform.

Objective: Maximize the app developer’s earnings.

Idea: With the least amount of effort (including investment)



Say you already have a great app on iTunes or Google Play.

Instead of or in addition to working on your next great app, how about deploying the existing app on BlackBerry and Windows Phone?

  1. You already have a successful idea
  2. The investment required for developing the app is much less (compared to both Android and iOS, substantially less!)
  3. The “Returns” are high! (in the case of BlackBerry, though the number of users is less)

The possibility of generating more resources for your next project, is worthwhile, right?

To further support our findings, Mopapp has created the below Infographics on Returns, on different platforms.




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