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At Mopapp, we believe that everybody will go mobile—it’s only a matter of time. Mopapp services help you making sense of numbers; but at MopappBlog we’d like to provide you with more than just numbers. Architects might be interested in how different mobile technologies relate together. Managers might want to figure out how to profit from mobile technologies in their specific business domain. So we decided to ask an industry expert to contribute to MopappBlog…and Dino Esposito came immediately to mind!

CTO of a company that provides software and mobile services to professional sports, Dino Esposito is a well-known ASP.NET expert who has written several popular books, including Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise, Programming Microsoft ASP.NET, and Programming ASP.NET MVC, all for Microsoft Press. His latest book, Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise has just been published by Microsoft Press and is available for sales. We are proud to announce that from today, Dino will contribute to MopappBlog, delving deep into some of the same topics he treated in his book.

“My latest book,” Dino told us, “signals a significant shift of my professional interests from plain web to mobile. Mobile has many souls—there’s web, there’s cloud, there are services, there’s user experience and of course there are native apps. Read from cover to cover, the book just starts you up on mobile and explains nearly all challenges you may face today in the building of a mobile solution. Not strictly a programming book, the book aims at making you ready for investigating further whatever you reckon to be your next step in a mobile adventure.”

As we see things, the crucial point is, making sense of the whole mobile thing; such as whether a mobile site is more appropriate than one or two native apps, understanding that a clear strategy is the very first step and that mobile is primarily a matter of tradeoffs and a delicate balancing act.

So, we encourage you to follow the blog to form a concrete idea about the various facets of mobile architecture and development—strategies, patterns and practices—and in doing so you can have your free trial of Dino’s latest—oops, first mobile—book!



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